Gain Fierce Self Confidence Through Life Coaching

Vivace Maxvictor is an experienced life coach who offers Fierce Self Confidence coaching across the globe.

You are here because you want to POWER UP your Self Confidence.

You are in the right place. I GOT YOU!

When you are truly self confident, you will stop settling &  you will stop playing small.

You are much more powerful than you think. 


The 5 Pillars of Fierce Self Confidence Coaching

  • You are Worth it

Value Yourself

  • Rewire Your Brain

Stop Settling

  • They say: “You are as sick as your secrets”

Live Your Truth

  • No Self Pity

Own Your Power

  • Defy Learned Self Helplessness

Stay Proactive

Fierce Self Confidence Coaching will help you to:

  • Heal Your Prior Emotional Wounds
  • Forgive Yourself
  • Stand in Your Power
  • Supercharge Your Self Worth
  • Become Confident AF
  • Stop Procrasting & Take Massive Action
  • Be Proud of Yourself & Your Life
Self Confidence Settle Self Attack

Fierce Self Confidence

Is about Defying Precedent

Rule #1
Speak Your Truth

Rule #2
No Self Attack

Rule #3
Take Massive

Lets Talk about What You Really Crave:

Chances are that you want more out of life, but somewhere within you, you lack the Fierce Self Confidence to really go after what you truly crave.

You may have bought into the belief that what you really crave doesn’t exist or that it doesn’t exist for you.

You may think that its too late or that you can’t have it, or if you do get it, it won’t last.

Or maybe you lack the Fierce Self Confidence to truly know what you TRULY want because you have been so busy living for other people.

All of this can leave you with a persistent nagging feeling that there is something missing in your life.

Part 1 Self Confidence Formula

Whats your greatest pain?

My greatest area of stress is _____________

What’s the biggest thing that is missing from your life?

What I long for in my life is _____________

  • Meaningful Loving Relationships
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Mental Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • True Fulfillment
  • Spiritual Confidence
  • A Rewarding Career
  • Physical Health & Wellbeing

Get What You Really Want With Fierce Self Confidence

When it comes to what you want- denying, ignoring, avoiding, repressing, suppressing, and minimizing YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES won’t help you feel better.  It will help you self destruct.

Pretending your desires don’t exist, and running away from them, and distracting yourself is a recipe self loathing.

Fierce Self Confidence encourages you to HONOR YOUR TRUTH.

Part 2 Self Confidence Formula

My Mission is to 


-Vivace Maxvictor

Fierce Self Confidence Can Help You to Change Your Relationship 

With anything that hurts you 

  • Revolutionize Your Self Worth
  • Double Down on Your Strengths
  • Celebrate Your Resilience
  • Stop Settling
  • Set Healthy Boundaries & Just Say No
  • Respect Your Needs & Desires
  • Refuse to Indulge in Learned Self Helplessness
  • Go After What You Really Want

The 7 Habits


Fierce Self Confidence

  • Fierce Truth
  • Fierce Mindset
  • Fierce Identity
  • Fierce Courage
  • Fierce Self Acceptance
  • Fierce Self Expression
  • Fierce Emotional Self Regulation



Fierce Self Confidence

  • Fierce Clarity
  • Fierce Power
  • Fierce Productivity
  • Fierce Connections
  • Fierce Fulfillment
  • Fierce Energy
  • Fierce Calm

Fierce Self Confidence is about FOREVER Gratification

Stop Settling.

Honor  Yourself.

Live Proud.

Get Started

Fierce Self Confidence Honors Your Worth.

Fierce Self Confidence Celebrates the Luxury of Being You.

It's time to take FIERCE charge of your life, happpiness & fulfillment.

If you are ready to leave your mental & emotional prison and you are ready to stop settling and to start celebrating your power, click on the link below to set up your first FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCE  COACHING session!