Fierce Self Confidence Vivace Maxvictor

Fierce Self Confidence Vivace Maxvictor

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I will help you to Awaken your Authentic
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Welcome to Fierce Self Confidence. 

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Hi, I am Vivace. 

I am grateful to be alive.

Cliff Notes: I was brought up in a very violent & abusive household. I lived in a constant state of fear & anxiety as I was always bracing for the next attack.  My survival mechanism was to shutdown my own feelings & to disregard and neglect my own desires. I kept ignoring facing the trauma I had been through; while simultaneously striving for greater external achievements, until I became literally suicidal.

Becoming suicidal and choosing my own “expiration date” was my wake-up call. After relentlessly confronting my TRUTH, and healing layers of longstanding pain and anguish, I learned many things. I learned to value myself, and to prioritize my feelings and my well-being. I learned to stop valuing my achievements more than I valued my peace of soul. I learned to stop tolerating situations that gnawed away at my soul even when I was conditioned to think that those situations were “not that bad”.  I learned to stop playing small when it came to what I truly desired vs. resigning to what I had been trained to settle for. I learned to say no things that crushed my spirit, even when it made others happy.  I learned how to respect myself and how to honor my own soul and spirit. I finally learned SELF-WORTH.


Vivace Maxvictor

After I spent time finally paying attention to honoring my wants and needs, healing my gaping emotional wounds, building my self-confidence, rebooting and coming back to life, I left my 12-year career in medicine to become a Life Coach, so I could help others do the same.

While I had earned my Bachelor’s in biology and my Masters in biology, and in addition I had also graduated from Cornell Medical School as a Surgical PA, I was ready for so much more!

I feel so grateful that after 12 years of banging my head against the wall of career dissatisfaction, I finally gave myself permission to leave a work environment that made me feel trapped and suffocated for a career that rewarded me for honoring my truth.

If I could rewire my brain to go from being suicidal to standing in authentic power, you too can transform your internal anguish into peace. You too can transform YOUR pain into power. You too can stop saying yes to the things that your soul is screaming no to. You too can learn how to  unapologetically stand in your truth. You too can learn to stop settling for relationships and things that make you feel less than. You too can learn to prioritize your own happiness over other people’s expectations of you.

I believe everyone has been through some sort of trauma. Unhealed trauma can damage your self confidence and stop you from living your best life. I was medically diagnosed with having PTSD. Most people keep talking about PTSD- Post traumatic stress disorder. Not a lot of people talk about post traumatic growth. Post traumatic growth is real, I am living proof. You can overcome. You are more powerful than you think. You don’t have to keep depriving yourself. You don’t have to keep martyring yourself. There is a better way. You can learn how to honor yourself and honor your desires. You can learn how to power up your self-confidence so you can boldly and unapologetically pursue your deepest desires

For the past 11 years I have been sharing the tools and strategies that literally saved my life and enriched my self-confidence with my clients both here in the US, and also internationally.

I have also had the great opportunity to speak at some major companies, and I have also had the good fortune to be on national television and to be able to share some of the tools and strategies that have helped others feel more confident, more powerful and more alive.

I have worked with many clients who have abundant business success but feel saddled with disappointment and lack of fulfillment in their personal lives.  Have you ever wondered how you are such a high achiever in one area of your life while you tend to feel weak and stuck in another area of your life?

Having coached for 11 years, I have noticed a pattern, a huge mistake that many people make. Notice if you have made this mistake.

Most people lack self confidence in some area of their life, and in THAT area they: Settle and Self Attack.

Low Self Confidence Settle & Self Attack

Think of the area of your life in where have been settling. The reason why you are settling in that area of your life is because there is a part of you that doesn’t believe you can have better. But the truth is you CAN have better, you just have to upgrade your self image You have to see yourself in a new way so you can feel equal to the thing that you want.

While some people have a tendency to get stuck in Settle & Self Attack rabbit hole in their personal lives, other people have a tendency to get stuck in the Settle & Self Attack rabbit hole in their professional lives.

Sadly, many people can stay in these rabbit holes for decades. When we trace it back, we can often see that this habit of settling has been passed down generationally. People watched their parents settle and so they became wired to do the same.

Chances are if you had greater confidence in yourself and your desires and your worth- you wouldn’t be settling at all or feeling stuck, you would be sprinting towards what you really want.

What helped me to go from being suicidal to feeling empowered was learning to value my feelings, learning to honor my truth and learning to stand up for my needs and wants.

Every time you stand up for yourself and you take empowered action you enrich your self-confidence. Every time you stand up for yourself it’s like you are giving your soul a standing ovation.

If you are standing in your own way, and you are tired of being stuck in cycle of settling & self-attacking and you are ready let go of the mental and emotional prison of your past and you are ready power up your self-confidence- so that you can gain momentum and go after what you really want. You are in the right place.

If your life is amazing, and you just want MORE because you believe you are capable of creating and achieving so much more. You are in the right place

Welcome to Fierce Self Confidence Coaching! 

Let’s Begin. 


Vivace Maxvictor 


  • If you want to watch my video of how I went from being suicidal to finding my power, click the link below.
    Caution: The video of what drove me to feeling suicidal is very raw, and not suitable for all viewers. If you are sensitive or afraid you my get triggered, don’t watch it and just read the letter I wrote you (see below).
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