Vivace’s Quotes

“Settling is a SELF WORTH issue.”

“When you are at war with yourself, you can’t be at peace with life itself.”

“Why do you review, rewind and recycle chaos?”

“The only reason you are selling out (to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, job, society, xyz) is because you don’t yet have the FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM
to stand up for your highest and deepest truth.”

“Self Deception always guarantees Self Destruction.”

“Admit your truth: what do you no longer want to settle for?”

“To the degree that you learn to tell the truth, to that degree you will set yourself free.”

“Notice how your reaction to that psychologically painful event has become your Achilles heel.”

“Your greatest pain is usually rooted in what you have done to yourself. When you truly forgive yourself, you can fall in love with yourself, and connect with how priceless you truly are.”

“You must learn how to be kind and gentle with yourself, while you ruthlessly honor your deepest values.”

“One of the primary reasons why people feel abandoned in a relationship is because they have abandoned themselves. Every time you settle for a toxic relationship breadcrumb or a consolation prize,
you abandon yourself.”

“Why do you betray yourself? Because this is what your brain has been wired and trained to do.
Retrain your brain.”

“Same Brain Map = Same Chaos.”

“If you go to the backstage of your mind, and pop the hood and take a look, you will realize that the bulk of your current mental or emotional suffering is linked to a Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect issue.”

“What are you willing to do differently to honor yourself?”

“What must you master in yourself in order to remain loyal to your virtues?”

“Once you have permanently switched your brain map over to first class thinking, you can attract
& create first class emotional experiences.”

“As soon as your mind is free of old mental and emotional clutter, you will feel freshly energized
to pursue your deepest desires.”

“Snap out of powerlessness & snap into power.”

“Never give your power away to anyone and give him or her the opportunity to decide what you are worth. You are priceless. That is what you are worth, nothing less.”

“Clients often ask me: ‘What is wrong with me, I can’t seem to move ahead.’ I say, ‘There is nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with your habits.’”

“Most people are stuck in the daydreaming phase of goal setting because they actually never make a new decision to manifest their intended objective. Make a NEW decision.”

“Resolve to make soul worthy decisions.”

“When it comes to your SOUL WORTHY GOALS, refuse to take no for an answer.
The universe is just testing you. Refuse to yield. Change your approach, zigzag if you have to,
and keep pushing forward, until you are victorious.”

“Stop playing small, stop selling out and stop waiting for something to change. YOU must change.”

“Learn how to change your relationship to anything that hurts, weakens, threatens or disempowers you.”

“If you don’t believe you can do better, you won’t do better.”

“Your beliefs control your feelings, and your feelings control your quality of life.”

“Which of your beliefs eclipse your joy?”

“If your gaze is habitually fixed on analysis paralysis of what you don’t want,
how can you get in touch with what you really CRAVE?”

“Your Inner Terrorist (negative inner voice) prevents you from pursuing what you really want.”

“If you keep watching negative movies in your head, you will deplete all of your zest and power,
and you literally won’t have the energy to pursue what you genuinely want.”

“Relax & stop persecuting yourself.”

“Pause to realize, admit and articulate what is most important for you to experience in your lifetime.
And then: honor that insight.”

“If you really want to honor, pursue and create what you spirit CRAVES,
YOU must be willing to take FIERCE action.”

“Don’t wait to take the “perfect” action, take POTENT action, NOW.”

“Start sprinting toward your inner most desires.”

“Leave no stone unturned. BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT.”

“Never give your power away to anyone.”

“Selling out your soul (even to the highest bidder) is a detrimental occupational hazard.”

“Formula for suffering: the pockets are full, but the spirit is screaming in agony.”

“What do you anchor your self worth to?”

“For the love of all things sacred, please don’t EVER confuse your NET worth with your SELF worth.
Your net worth is what your accountant tells you your assets are worth.
Your SELF WORTH is what you tell yourself you are worth.”

“If you don’t identify and master your critical vulnerabilities,
you will continue to cling to the lower rungs of the ladder fulfillment.”

“Cancel your subscription to anything that makes you feel ‘less than’.”

“Make sure to lock your viewfinder squarely on what you want,
so that you don’t toggle back and forth to your former pictures of lack, strife or defeat.”

“If you don’t like it, change it.”

“Doing nothing more gives you nothings more.”

“Stop procrastinating & start manifesting.”

“Procrastination is the invisible dragon that follows you everywhere you go.”

“Do you lack ambition or do you lack Self Mastery?”

“Fortune does not favor complainers. Fortune favors the bull.”

“Refuse to operate from fear. Remain FIERCE.”

“Conviction is a formidable engine that will drive you past naysayers, obstacles and detours.”

“Condition yourself to remain undaunted and un-phased by barriers and roadblocks.”

“Recommit daily, recommit hourly, and just stay committed until you have crossed your desired finish line and you have raised your arms up in sheer victory.”

“Everything starts from the relationship that you have with yourself.”

“You are responsible for renewing all your former agreements that hurt you.”

“You are a living breathing magnet. What you believe and feel on the inside, you will attract on the outside.”

“What is your X factor? What is completely unique, special and priceless about you?
What is your biggest intangible asset?”

“If you want to know if your relationship is true love or true poison,
evaluate the impact it has on your wellbeing.
Does your relationship release your shine or does it dull your shine?”

“Don’t expect others to give you what you refuse to give to yourself.
If you are craving TRUE LOVE, start showering yourself with an abundance of TRUE LOVE,
& REFUSE to devalue or dismiss the longings of your spirit.”

“As long as you hold inner pain & conflict about what you desire,
you will continue to attract more pain & conflict.”

“You are the author of your life. Pick up your pen; turn to a new page,
and start mapping out a brand new blueprint for your preferred destiny.”

“Don’t put yourself on trial for someone else’ malfunctions.”

“Drop your old memories of abandonment, disappointment and defeat in the gutter, and keep it moving.”

“End your mental and emotional addiction to suffering and to feeling bad. Feel good. It feels better.”

“Honor yourself with unconditional self-love. Be kind to yourself,
be gentle with yourself, prioritize yourself, listen to your inner truth, adore yourself, validate yourself, celebrate yourself, and never ever sell to out to anyone for any reason.
You are too precious to sell out.”

“What have been some of your favorite tools of distraction: work, food, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, TV, or mindless conversation? Refuse to escape your Godliness.”

“If you believe that you are powerless in a situation and that you don’t have access to more compelling options, you will naturally feel defeated. Therefore, it’s less about the situation at hand,
and more about your underlying beliefs about how much power you have.”

“Jump out of your psychological CIRCLE OF DEFEAT and jump into your CIRCLE OF POWER,
so you can feel more powerful and alive.”

“You can’t just shove your pain under the carpet and hope and pray that one day it will just go away.
Similar to an infection, the energy of your original emotional wound
doesn’t just go away because you ignore it. It will fester and grow and take on a unique life of its own,
until you stop and give it the attention and healing that it deserves.
You deserve to heal. Make healing your priority
because your most radiant essence is your greatest blessing to the pulse of humanity.”

“Mentally release yourself from the guilt and shame of your prior self-neglect,
& commit to the art of SELF LOVE and SELF RESPECT.”

“See yourself with loving eyes. Everyday.”

“Green light your innermost desires.”

“If you want greater happiness and fulfillment, stop criticizing yourself and start taking action.
Don’t sit on your hands and cry about what’s bothering you.
Be FIERCE and get up and do something productive about it.”

“Resolve to replace your self-destructive habits with inspiring solutions.”

“Step outside of your former box of lack and limitation and expand, enhance & enrich your identity.”

“Refresh your mind & refresh your prophecy.”

“You are a self-determining human being, and if you don’t like something, it’s your responsibility to do everything you can do and leave no healthy stone unturned to manifest your innermost desires.”

“First change your thinking, and all else will follow suit.”

“When are you willing to cosign, engage and reinforce a new inspiring vision for your life?”

“Intentionally flip the toxic scripts that you have been clinging to.”

“FIERCELY commit to a new snapshot and a new soundtrack.”

“FIERCE success rituals will boost your self confidence.”

“Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect are all gifts that you must learn to give to yourself.
When you build and enrich this triad, you will arm yourself with the most powerful secret weapons.
Armed with Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect,
no person or event will ever again be able to make you feel
insecure, inferior, ‘not good enough’ or ‘less than’. ”

“Stop playing small, stop selling out and stop waiting.
Stand up and HONOR, PURSUE & CREATE what YOUR spirit craves.”

FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will inspire you to get out of your own way
and to take fierce action and manifest your innermost desires.
Through mental, emotional and spiritual cross fit training
you will learn how to awaken your greatness, stand in your true power
& honor, pursue and create precisely what your spirit craves.


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