Fierce Self Confidence & Your Body

  • 1- How did You Learn to Betray & Attack Your Body?

    When it comes to your relationship with your physical body, what do you betray and attack the most?

    • Your external appearance
    • Your health & fitness
    • Your sexuality

    Why do you betray and attack your body? Because this is what your brain has been wired and trained to do. Do you remember a SPECIFIC comment about your body or sexuality that felt like a swift kick in the gut to you? Can you see how that comment and the visceral shock of that comment became deeply etched in your long-term consciousness?  Stand back and take a look and you will see how you have either consciously or unconsciously continued to fire and enrich that painful imprint brain map. How have YOU continued to betray and attack your own body with the look of disapproval, judgment and critical commentary?

    Don’t Put Yourself On Trial for Someone Else’ Malfunctions

    Don’t continue to put yourself on trial for someone else’ gut wrenching comments.  Stop subleasing their energy. Refuse to allow those original words or your own continued harsh criticism to forever cast a shadow on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

    Do You Fixate on Your Imperfections?

    When it comes to your relationship with your physical body (appearance, health and fitness, and sexuality) do you honor yourself or do you betray yourself? Do you fixate on your imperfections and pollute your own wellbeing?  If your gaze is habitually fixed on itemizing, center staging and dwelling on your “imperfections”, you will continue to reinforce your brain maps of feeling insecure, “not good enough” and “less than”.

    Break Script from the Original Messages of Attack

    Remember that since your mind, body and spirit work in concert, your body always reflects your state of mind and spirit and vice versa. The fastest way to enhance the relationship that you have with your body is to upgrade and enhance your state of mind and spirit.  Choose to break script from that original attack message that keeps flashing on the central screen of your mind; and instead write yourself a brand new message of self-love and self-approval.

    Develop and Strengthen a Healthy & Loving Relationship with Your Bod

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCE will empower you to develop and strengthen a healthy and loving relationship with your body.

  • 2- Do You Practice Self-Neglect or Self Respect?

    Self-neglect is also a learned pattern. Every time you neglect your own needs and desires, you will chip away at your dwindling self-respect.  When it comes to your body (appearance, health & fitness, and sexuality) make a list of how have you been neglecting and disrespecting yourself. Commit to interrupting those detrimental maladaptive patterns and begin to give your body the attention, love, care and genuine respect that it deserves.

    Refuse to Serve Consecutive Sentences for Your Former Neglect

    If you don’t yet have a healthy brain map for how to pay attention to your body’s cries and needs, it’s time to build some new and inspiring neural highways in your mind. Make sure to pause and check in with your body, so that you can hear what your body is thirsty for, and aching for. If you have ignored your body until now, don’t fret and don’t feel bad. You just weren’t ready.  Refuse to serve consecutive sentences for your years of former neglect. Disengage from feeling guilt or shame. Renew your mindset and begin to dedicate yourself to honoring and respecting your body and wellbeing, TODAY.

    Get Excited, Turn to A New Page, and Write Yourself a New Story

    Get excited about connecting with your body in a loving way. Get excited about giving your body what it wants and needs. Get excited about stopping the neglect and begin to feel respect for every part of your body.  Don’t get stuck analyzing the past. End your mental and emotional addiction to suffering and to feeling bad. Open a new door in your mind that gives you access to new ways of being kind and loving to your body. Deliberately disconnect from the axis of Evil: insecurity, guilt, shame & feeling “not good enough” or “less than”, and turn to a new page, and write yourself a new, refreshing story.

    Commit to the Art of Self Love & Self Respect

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCE will show you how you can mentally release yourself from the guilt and shame of your prior self-neglect, and how you can commit to the art of Self Love and Self Respect.

  • 3- How Does Your Current Identity Checkmate Your Health & Fitness Goals?

    Your current identity includes: how you see yourself, what you say to yourself and expect from yourself.  When it comes to your body (appearance, health & fitness, and sexuality) how does your self-concept shape what you believe, think, feel and expect from yourself? What are some of the health and fitness labels that you have slapped on yourself? How specifically do these labels stifle you and limit your choices and behaviors? How does your current self-concept prevent you from feeling good and from pursuing your health and fitness goals?

    Begin to See Yourself in a New Light

    Through the art of Self Mastery, you can learn how to become the master of your mind and body so that you are no longer living in slavery to the constraints of your old and limited health and fitness identity. Learn to master your mind and to see yourself in a new light. As you proactively upgrade your self-talk and your expectations, you will more naturally open yourself up to a brand new world of immense possibility.

    To upgrade and enrich your health and fitness identity and forecast, do the following exercise for 90 days:

    Change how you see yourself:

    • See yourself with loving eyes.
    • See yourself joyfully achieving your health and fitness goals.
    • See yourself as the ideal version of you walking down the street.

    Change what you say to yourself:

    • Make sure that your self-talk is always loving.
    • Make sure that your self-talk is always inspiring you to be your very best.
    • Make sure that your self-talk motivates you to take daily action.

    Change what you expect of yourself:

    • Expect yourself to take at least 1 new daily action toward your health and fitness goals.
    • Expect yourself to make decisions that truly honor your health and fitness goals.
    • Expect yourself to achieve and surpass your goals.

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will empower you to step outside of your former box of lack and limitation and to expand and enrich your identity so that you can achieve and sustain your health and fitness goals.

  • 4- Do you Practice: Self-Empowerment or Self Destruction

    When it comes to your physical body: your appearance, health & fitness, and sexuality, what has been bothering you the most? What is your spirit trying to demand from you or awaken in you? Moreover, how have you tried to mute or shut down your inner voice of desire and wisdom? How have you tried to distract yourself from your inner truth? What have been some of your favorite tools of distraction: work, food, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, TV, or mindless conversation? Have you ever noticed that until your inner expert gets exactly what it wants from you, it will keep nagging you until you finally surrender to its profound wisdom?

    Green Light Your Innermost Desires

    Your inner expert is unrelenting, because it is taking a firm stand for your highest and greatest good.  Your inner expert won’t let you skirt the issue, until you categorically green light your own inner desires. In addition, if you keep yellow lighting or red lighting your desires, your inner expert will go to greater and greater lengths to get your attention. You inner expert wants you to replace all of your thoughts of self-destruction with acts of self-empowerment (and ultimately self-actualization).  Sometimes your inner expert can only manage to wake you up to your own greatness by having you hit rock bottom first. You hit rock bottom and then you wake up again.

    Your Brain Hasn’t Been Mapped to Feel Like It

    Don’t WAIT until you FEEL like taking action. If your dominant strategy is to take action only when you feel like it, you will place yourself at a significant disadvantage, because your brain hasn’t yet been mapped to FEEL like it (ex: going to the gym, getting a dental cleaning or a check up, eating healthy...). In fact, your brain has been mapped to have you continue with your self-destructive tendencies and behaviors. How do you know what your brain has been mapped for and against? Just look at your choices and decisions so far, and you will have your answer.

    FEELINGS Based Decisions vs. VALUES based decisions

    On Monday mornings, do you always FEEL like going to work? No! However, you go to work because you VALUE your career more than you VALUE your Monday morning blues! In this scenario, you are not making a FEELING based decision; you are making a VALUES based decision. When it comes to honoring your body, think less from the frame of what you FEEL like doing, and think more from the frame of what you VALUE most. Empower yourself to do what you VALUE most, because you are worth it.

    Condition and Strengthen Your Map of Self Empowerment

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will show you how to replace your self-destructive habits with more empowering and inspiring alternatives.

  • 5- If You don’t Like it, Change it

    When it comes to your appearance, health & fitness, and sexuality, stop tormenting and torturing yourself. If you don’t like something, simply change it.  This means: STOP COMPLAINING and be willing to do more good for yourself. Complaining wastes your precious energy reserves. Complaining fuels your powerlessness. Resolve to proactively address and change what bothers you.

    No Action, No Fruit.

    What are you willing to do differently to make yourself truly happy? Taking new action will change your reality. When you think about your body, if you want greater happiness and fulfillment, stop criticizing yourself and start taking action.  Don’t drop your head, don’t sit on your hands and cry about what bothers you, get up and do something productive about it. Never throw in your towel, pick up your towel and go to the gym. Don’t beat yourself up. Take action. No action, no fruit. No planting, no reaping. Start taking new action and begin planting new seeds.

    First Change Your Thinking

    You are a walking and talking magnet of correspondence. The universe corresponds and cosigns your innermost and most tightly held agreements. To transform your appearance, health and fitness or sexual fulfillment, first change your thinking, and then everything else will conform, accordingly. “As within, so without.” If nothing changes in your head, nothing will change in the mirror. Proactively transform your mindset regarding what you believe is possible for you when it comes to your appearance, health and fitness, and sexuality.  Intentionally flip the scripts you have held so near and dear to you, so you don’t continue to feel disenfranchised and frustrated. Are you willing to cosign, engage and reinforce a new inspiring vision for your body?

    Boycott Chaos

    When it comes to your body, make a new decision.  Boycott chaos. Refuse to become trapped in a pile of guilt & shame. Constantly condition and recondition yourself to refocus your energy toward manifesting your desires. Be decisive and buy out of powerlessness and lack.  Buy into the best version of yourself and leave no stone unturned, until you eventually manifest your deepest desires.

    Every Decision Matters

    Every decision counts. Every decision about your wellbeing, your appearance, your health, your fitness, your sexuality, matters. Everything you say yes and no to in a 24-hour period matters. If you want to change your life, and walk straight across the finish line of your goals, change what you say “yes” and “no” to in a 24-hour period.

    You are a Self Determining Human Being

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will remind you that you are a self-determining human being, and if you don’t like something, it’s your responsibility to do everything you can do and leave no healthy stone unturned to make your dreams come true.

  • 6- Commit to a New Snapshot and A New Soundtrack

    Whatever you focus on the most, you will feel the most.  When it comes to your body (appearance, health & fitness, and sexuality) what do you habitually focus on? Most people have a tendency to focus and fixate on “what is wrong” and how they are “not good enough”. When you focus on feel bad thoughts, you will consequently feel bad feelings.

    Reactive Visualization vs. Proactive Visualization

    If you want to feel better about your body (appearance, health & fitness, and sexuality), instead of Visualizing Reactively (visualizing what has been), learn the art of PROACTIVE VISUALIZATION. Proactive visualization gives you the opportunity to firmly fix your gaze on the image of what you want to achieve, experience and feel. The more you hold this new preferred snapshot in the front of your mind, the more you will naturally draw it closer to you. The more loyalty you demonstrate to manifesting this new image, and the more the universe will conspire to give it to you.

    Focus = Biochemistry

    As you change your focus, you change your biochemistry. When you hold a feel bad snapshot in your mind’s eye, you will unconsciously tie that feel bad snapshot, to a corresponding feel bad soundtrack, and you will feel bad. Then the feel bad soundtrack starts reinforcing the feel bad snapshot, and this feel bad feedback loop will reinforce your feelings of self helplessness.

    Reactive Soundtrack vs. Proactive Soundtrack

    While you are practicing holding total fidelity to your new preferred snapshot for your body (appearance, health & fitness, and or sexuality), make sure that you deliberately choose a proactive soundtrack that supports and reinforces your new preferred snapshot. This means when you upgrade the dominant default snapshot that you are holding in your mind’s eye, make sure that you simultaneously upgrade your self talk: how you speak to yourself and what you say to yourself.

    Are you Still Hypnotized to Feel Inferior?

    Remember: whichever snapshot and soundtrack you reinforce the most will become your most dominant default internal and external experience. If you stand in front of the mirror and keep attacking yourself with negative still shots and soundtracks, you will remain hypnotized and anchored to feeling inferior, “less than”, and simply “not good enough”. Commit to visualizing and speaking FROM your preferred snapshot, and give the universe a new creative direction to work from.

    Actualize the Best Version of Yourself

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCE TM will help you to rehearse new visual snapshots and soundtracks that motivate you to take new action and to help you actualize the best version of yourself.

  • 7- Fierce Success Rituals will Boost Your Confidence

    Clarity is power. Once you have clearly acknowledged and admitted what you want to change about your physical body, including your appearance, health & fitness or sexual life, you must then begin to isolate and to condition fierce success rituals that will keep you on track towards your preferred target.

    Become Naturally Matched to What Your Spirit Craves

    As you learn how to intentionally fortify new dominant brain maps of your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, expectations and behaviors, you will become naturally matched to creating and attracting what you really want.

    Identify & Fortify New Success Rituals that Will Boost Your Self Confidence

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCE TM will help you to recognize WHICH of your current beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, expectations and behaviors are most detrimental to the success of your physical body goals (appearance, health & fitness, and or sexuality).

    Furthermore, FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCE TM will help you to fortify new success rituals that boost yourself confidence.

  • 8- Always Use Your Secret Weapons: Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect

    If you crave a 5 star destiny, make sure to always keep your secret weapons Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect on tap.

    Self Love?

    Interesting fact: almost every time I bring up the idea of SELF LOVE on a Coaching call, almost every single one of my clients (and they are brilliant) invariably become confused. The first question they ask is “What do you mean?” or “Self Love? What are you talking about?”

    Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect

    Think about the area of life in which YOU experience the greatest stress and the least fulfillment (self confidence, family, relationships, career, finances, body, fitness, health, sexuality) on a scale of 0-10, how much Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect do you usually express in that area?

    Respect Yourself  

    If you have been programmed to base your Self Love, Self Worth or Self Respect on what other people think of you, you are destined to lead a very unhappy life.  This is because you will not be able to simultaneously please all of your many puppet masters. Never sell yourself out in order to appear to be more valuable in the eyes of another person. You will end up hurting yourself in the process. Respect and honor yourself no matter what.

    Settling is a Self Worth Issue

    Like it or not, your decisions scream what you actually believe you are worth. Settling a Self Worth issue. If you truly believed you were worth more, you would never stand down to what you are standing down to now. You would stop playing small. You would stop selling out. You would stop waiting. You would instead stand tall and fiercely honor, pursue and create what your spirit deeply craves and deserves.

    Do you have Unfinished Business with Yourself?

    Having unfinished business with yourself can further undermine your feelings of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect.  When you feel bad about whom you are, you are more likely to make low value or detrimental decisions.  If your unfinished business with yourself remains unchecked, you will continue to harbor chaos and you will subconsciously attract and create even more chaos.

    When You are at War with Yourself, You cant be at Peace with Life

    If you go to the backstage of your mind, and pop the hood and take a look, you will realize that the bulk of your current mental or emotional suffering is linked to a Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect issue.  A lack of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect will cause you to be at war with yourself.  When you are at war with yourself, you can’t be at peace with life – it’s that simple.

    Forgive Yourself & Fall in Love with Yourself

    Your greatest pain is usually rooted in what you have done to yourself. When you truly forgive yourself, you can fall in love with yourself, and connect with how priceless you truly are. Forgive yourself, and move onward and upward on the ladder of Self Love.

    You are Priceless that is what You Are Worth

    Realize that your SELF Worth doesn’t reflect what people think of you.  Your Self Worth reflects what YOU think of you.   Other people unconsciously respond to how you see yourself. If you habitually devalue or undervalue your own essential value, others will take you at your own estimation. As you enrich your own perception of your Self Worth, others will echo your new valuation. However, it’s important to remember that Self Worth is an internal decision. Never give your power away to anyone or give him or her the opportunity to decide what you are worth. You are priceless. That is what you are worth, nothing less.

    Self Worth vs. Net Worth

    For the love of all things sacred, please don’t EVER confuse your NET worth with your SELF worth.  Your net worth is what your accountant tells you your assets are worth. Your SELF WORTH is what you tell yourself you are worth. Your net worth has nothing to do with your worth as a human being. You are irreplaceable and therefore priceless.  So remember to never ever tie your self worth to your net worth, as to do so is incomprehensible.

    Greet the World with Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect

    Most people believe “When I achieve what I really want, then I will feel greater Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect.” This equation is backward and highly detrimental to your wellbeing. When you greet the world with the feelings of Self Love and Self Worth and Self Respect, you will reach your goals with a twinkle in your eyes and a spring in your step.

    Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect are Your Secret Weapons

    Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect are gifts that you must learn to give to yourself. When you build and enrich this triad, you will arm yourself with the most powerful secret weapons. Armed with Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect, no person or event will ever again be able to make you feel insecure, inferior, “not good enough” or “less than”.

    Value Yourself & Fall in Love with Yourself

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will consistently remind you how priceless you are, and will teach you how to value yourself, and enrich your feelings of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect. Through mental, emotional and spiritual cross fit training you will learn how to awaken your greatness, stand in your true power and honor, pursue and create precisely what your spirit craves.

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM is not about Immediate Gratification.


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