Fierce Fiscal Power

  • 1- Self Worth vs. Net Worth

    In business seminars, as soon as I ask the audience “What is the difference between your Self Worth and your Net Worth?” everyone immediately checks their Kool-Aid, and you could hear a pin drop from the back row of the auditorium. When I scan the audience in real time, they invariably look like deer in headlights. Luckily, I have always been a fan of Bambi’s big brown eyes.  After adequate processing time has elapsed between their right and left-brain hemispheres, some brave soul breaks the communal vow of silence and confusion, and asks me to either repeat or rephrase the question.

    Rephrase: “How do you measure your Self Worth?”

    Is Your Self Worth Screwed Tightly Around Your Net Worth?

    You see: MOST PEOPLE’S SELF WORTH IS SCREWED so tightly around their Net Worth, that the question itself seems to be preposterous and mind-boggling. And true to form as that person’s Net Worth rises or falls, those bound by the allegiance to this hypnotic trance, gauge their Self Worth accordingly. When the S&P 500 plummets, they find themselves somersaulting head first into a cold and lonely mental abyss, not because they have less money, but because they BELIEVE they are WORTH, LESS. 

    What Do You Anchor Your Self Worth To?

    According to the rules and regulations of your current brain map, do you believe that having more “things” means that YOU are worth more?  In other words, is your Self Worth tied to a litany of bells and whistles: bank balances, things, achievements, title, prestige, rank, other people’s opinion of you? Does this line of thinking cause you to feel “less than”, “not good enough” and make you spin out of control with stress, worry, fear and anxiety?  How exactly did you learn to base your SELF worth on things that are EXTERNAL to your being? Who taught you to think this way? What is the psychological price tag that you pay for linking your value as a human being to objects and things?

    Never Give Your Power Away to Anyone

    Realize that your SELF Worth doesn’t reflect what people think of you.  Your Self Worth reflects what YOU think of you.   Other people unconsciously respond to how you see yourself. If you habitually devalue or undervalue your own essential value, others will take you at your own estimation. As you enrich your own perception of your Self Worth, others will echo your new valuation. However, it’s important to remember that Self Worth is an internal decision. Never give your power away to anyone and give him or her the opportunity to decide what you are worth. You are priceless. That is what you are worth.

    Self Worth vs. Net Worth

    For the love of all things sacred, please don’t EVER confuse your NET worth with your SELF worth.  Your net worth is what your accountant tells you your assets are worth. Your SELF WORTH is what you tell yourself you are worth. Your net worth has nothing to do with your worth as a human being. You are irreplaceable and therefore priceless.  So remember to never ever tie your self worth to your net worth, as to do so is incomprehensible.

    Become Present to Your Virtues & Gifts

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will show you how to enrich your sense of Self Worth, so you can become present to your priceless virtues and gifts that money can’t buy.

  • 2- Preoccupation with Lack vs. Preoccupation with Wealth

    When you think about money is your first pop up thought a thought of LACK or a thought of ABUNDANCE? Are you generally preoccupied with the thoughts of micromanaging and anticipating future lack, or are you more naturally preoccupied with the thoughts of generating more wealth?

    What Thoughts Have You Rehearsed the Most?

    Your brain has been mapped to wire and fire in a particular pattern in relationship to money. The thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and expectations you have either consciously or subconsciously conditioned and rehearsed the most, determine your neural bias.  And unless you have radically changed your relationship to money, your neural bias may still mirror the IMPRINT financial map that you received by witnessing your mother and father’s relationship with money. Is your neural bias wired for the thoughts of lack or for the thoughts wealth?

    What is Your Dominant Attitude Towards Money?

    Your dominant default financial brain map (the thoughts and emotions that you have wired and fired the most) determines your dominant attitude towards money. Know Thyself. Do you have a greater proclivity to habitually think of your finances from an attitude of scarcity and lack or do you have a greater tendency to relate to money from an attitude of abundance, opportunity and truly unlimited possibility?

    Why Are “Wealthy” People Still Preoccupied with Feeling Lack?

    People often swear to themselves that they will never repeat their parent’s attitude and relationship with money, only to realize that they are thinking, living and breathing out of the same limiting and anxiety-provoking blueprints. There are plenty of people with great financial wealth who are still mentally and emotionally consumed and preoccupied with lack (because their imprint brain map has never changed). Therefore, while their objective financial wealth has improved, their subjective internal reality still mirrors their original financial brain maps. Feeling wealthy is an inside job. When you learn how to change your subjective internal programming, you will set yourself free from burden.

    Attract and Enjoy Wealth 

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will show you how you can drop your preoccupation with stress, worry, fear and lack, so you can attract and enjoy wealth.

  • 3- Living Above Your Means vs. Living Below Your Power

    If you are in debt or if you are breaking even, you may feel guilt and shame that you are living above your means. While this may be true, it’s also important to pay attention to see if you are actually living BELOW YOUR FISCAL POWER.  Is your core issue that you are spending too much, or that you are selling yourself short by under-earning in your job?

    Do You Have The Desire & Capacity to Earn More?

    If you have the desire and capacity to generate 2x, but you are currently generating 1x and you are spending 1x, you may feel that you are over spending. But if you have the desire and capacity to generate 2x, you are living below your power. To fulfill your power and potential, immediately redirect your focus and gaze to figuring out how you can create more value in the market place and earn 2x. At first glance, you may say to yourself “Well, I don’t know how” or “I don’t know what to do”. Of course, you may not know what or how yet. Your brain hasn’t been mapped to know precisely how yet. Since your brain has been predominantly mapped for your current reality, you predominantly think in terms of your current reality.  When you awaken your desire for more, you allow your brain to link to a new stream of consciousness that will you open up to new opportunities and possibilities.

    You Must Change How You See Yourself

    Your dominant default brain map holds the mold for the identity that you assume in the financial world. If your self-concept (how you see yourself and what you say to yourself), is held at 1x, you will unconsciously and systematically delete all the alternative possibilities (that are right under your nose) for earning 2x. As soon as you expand and enrich how you see yourself and what you say to yourself, you will become aware of a flood of new possibilities to generate 2x, or more…

    Own Your Power and Manifest Far More Abundance

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM shows you how you can awaken your true financial desires, powers and capacity.

  • 4- Untangle Yourself From Your Worst Financial Memory

    What is your worst financial memory? Are you still living in mental and emotional reaction to this particular financial ball and chain? If you are, just STOP IT. Enough is enough.

    Where is Your Financial Concierge Service Routed to?

    Why does the concierge service in your brain keep taking you to your worst financial memory over and over again? Because that particular map of fiscal scarcity (scar-city) has been deeply ingrained in your psyche. Until that painful brain map is intentionally interrupted and uprooted (neural pruning), your concierge service won’t have the neural architecture to reroute your mind to a more abundant thought process.

    Come to Terms With Your Financial Past & Set Yourself Free

    Neural plasticity says your brain is able to rewire synaptic connections. So, by transforming and wiring in a new MINDSET you can come to terms with your financial past so that you no longer feel powerless, demoralized and suffocated. Instead, re-direct your energy and take new, empowered action toward your preferred financial end zone.

    Snap Out of Lack  & Snap into Power

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will teach you how you can see your financial history in a new light, so it no longer has power over you. As you learn to develop healthier pathways in your nervous system, you will be able to snap out the state of lack and snap into a state of sheer power.

  • 5- Your Top 3 Limiting beliefs Checkmate Your Fiscal Wealth

    If you want to lean away from being trapped in the “hope and pray” financial model, and lean towards the massive growth financial model, you must knock out your top 3 biggest financial Brain Traps TM (limiting beliefs).

    Which of Your Financial Beliefs Psychologically Gridlocks You the Most?

    Take a half time break and go in the locker room of your mind and objectively watch how you have played the financial game of life up until now.  Clearly identify your top 3 limiting financial beliefs. Which of your financial beliefs psychologically gridlocks you the most? Do you suffer from any of these limiting beliefs: “I don’t have the time to earn more”,“I don’t know how to earn more” ,“I don’t know the right people”, “I don’t know what to do” , “I am too young” ,“I am too old” ,“I am too tired”, “It’s too late in the game”?

    Your Beliefs Your Thoughts Your Feelings Your Actions

    How long have your limiting beliefs about what you think is financially possible for you, controlled your feelings and choices?  If your BELIEFS are limited, the thoughts somersaulting around in your mind will be limited to your beliefs, and you will FEEL limited. Limiting beliefs will create a negative ripple effect throughout your entire mind and body which will leave you feeling stuck, powerless and defeated.  When you remain immersed in this toxic emotional state, you are not likely to take new action. Not taking new action reinforces your current financial landscape, and reinforces your belief in lack. Unfortunately, this leads to a self-sustaining cycle of chaos and misery.

    Your Beliefs Control Your Feelings
    Are Your Feelings an Asset or a Liability?

    Your beliefs control your feelings, and your feelings control your quality of life. Are your feelings toward money an asset or a liability? If you have a clear picture of your financial assets and liabilities, you will also benefit from having a clear picture of your emotional assets and emotional liabilities. If your financial emotional liabilities outweigh your financial emotional assets, you will be left feeling emotionally bankrupt, no matter how much money you have in the bank. Because ultimately, your feelings control your quality of life.

    Never Think About Money in a Way that Limits You or Hurts You

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will help you to identify and reframe your top 3 limiting beliefs about money, so will never think about money in ways that limit or hurt you. You will also learn how transform your former financial brain maps of powerlessness and lack, to new maps of power and possibility.

  • 6- Immediate Gratification vs. Forever Gratification

    When it comes to making financial decisions regarding your income, your expenses, your savings and your investments:

    • Are your financial decisions predominantly
    • Proactive and empowering or
    • Reactive and self-defeating?
    • Are your financial decisions geared toward immediate gratification or forever gratification?
    • What has had the greatest psychological influence on how you value, manage and invest money?

    How Do Your Core Beliefs about Money Impact Your Financial Decisions?

    If you want to make vertical financial leaps, and you want to stack the odds in your favor, you need to take a true inventory of your relationship with money. Do you have a healthy relationship with your finances? What are your core beliefs? Does the thought of your finances make you feel abundant or does the thought of finance fill you with the stress and worry of lack and uncertainty? Your core beliefs and habitual thoughts affect your financial decisions. Every decision, whether conscious or unconscious, reactive or proactive, carries a consequence. Do your financial decisions reinforce immediate gratification or forever gratification?

    Do You Feel Overwhelmed & Frustrated?

    Your relationship with money reflects how your brain has been wired regarding money. If your current relationship with money is adversarial and it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, you can enhance this relationship by renewing your long held beliefs and agreement.  Neural plasticity “says” that you can rewire your brain and build new positive neural associations that leave you feeling freshly empowered and abundant.

    Risks, Benefits & Alternatives

    When I worked as Surgical PA, part of the process of obtaining consent from patients prior to their surgery was to ALWAYS discuss the risks, benefits and alternatives (R/B/A) of their surgery with them, so that they could make the most informed decision. When it comes to your financial habits, how often do you consider the risks, benefits and alternatives? What are the short term and long terms risks, benefits and alternatives to indulging in immediate gratification?

    Make New Decisions that Lead You to Enjoy Forever Gratification

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will show you how to change your internal system settings and renew your relationship with your finances, so you can make new decisions that allow you to enjoy Forever Gratification.

  • 7- Clear Vision + Action → Fierce Wealth

    If it’s truly important for you to create financial wealth, connect to your gifts and open some new doors and window in your mind, then first, move the viewfinder of your mind to a clear and compelling vision that excites you. Then, make sure to lock your viewfinder squarely on what you want, so that you don’t toggle back and forth to your former financial pictures of lack or strife.

    Formula for Suffering: The Pockets are Full, but the Soul is Empty

    If you keep toggling back and forth between intentions and you if you keep changing the image of your desired outcome, you will waste both your brain battery and your precious time. While in the process of selecting your desired financial snap shot, make sure that your new preferred financial snap shot is soul worthy. In other words, never sell out your soul, to anyone or anything, for any price. The formula for suffering is when: the pockets are full, but the soul is empty.

    Refuse to Procrastinate Your Wealth

    Keep your most compelling desired financial snap shot front of mind, and then articulate a robust plan of action. Refuse to Procrastinate Your Wealth. Doing nothing more gives you nothings more. Awaken your desire for more. Decide to wake up with a sense of excitement and urgency and remain disciplined to do everything you can do to bring your financial desires to life. What are you willing to do DIFFERENTLY to finally make your dreams come true?

    Remain Single Minded

    You must remain unified, single-minded and loyal to reaching for your new fiscal goal, or you will scatter your energy and dilute your power.  Refuse to become derailed by interferences or cheap seductions. Remain vigilant and committed to manifesting your new and compelling financial reality.

    Never Take No As An Answer

    As with any goal, refuse to take no as an answer. The universe is just testing you. So keep your eye on your prize and keep marching toward your preferred vision. Don’t become emotionally sideswiped by speed bumps or detours. Sometimes, to get to your goal you have to zigzag a little bit. It’s ok if you have to zigzag a bit to get to your goal. Just make sure you get to your goal.

    Stay on Point & Reach Your Financial Goals

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will help you stay on point to pursue, create and honor your financial goals.

  • 8- Always Use Your Secret Weapons: Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect

    If you crave a 5 star destiny, make sure to always keep your secret weapons Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect on tap.

    Self Love?

    Interesting fact: almost every time I bring up the idea of SELF LOVE on a Coaching call, almost every single one of my clients (and they are brilliant) invariably become confused. The first question they ask is “What do you mean?” or “Self Love? What are you talking about?”

    Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect

    Think about the area of life in which YOU experience the greatest stress and the least fulfillment (self confidence, family, relationships, career, finances, body, fitness, health, sexuality) on a scale of 0-10, how much Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect do you usually express in that area?

    Respect Yourself  

    If you have been programmed to base your Self Love, Self Worth or Self Respect on what other people think of you, you are destined to lead a very unhappy life.  This is because you will not be able to simultaneously please all of your many puppet masters. Never sell yourself out in order to appear to be more valuable in the eyes of another person. You will end up hurting yourself in the process. Respect and honor yourself no matter what.

    Settling is a Self Worth Issue

    Like it or not, your decisions scream what you actually believe you are worth. Settling a Self Worth issue. If you truly believed you were worth more, you would never stand down to what you are standing down to now. You would stop playing small. You would stop selling out. You would stop waiting. You would instead stand tall and fiercely honor, pursue and create what your spirit deeply craves and deserves.

    Do you have Unfinished Business with Yourself?

    Having unfinished business with yourself can further undermine your feelings of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect.  When you feel bad about whom you are, you are more likely to make low value or detrimental decisions.  If your unfinished business with yourself remains unchecked, you will continue to harbor chaos and you will subconsciously attract and create even more chaos.

    When You are at War with Yourself, You cant be at Peace with Life

    If you go to the backstage of your mind, and pop the hood and take a look, you will realize that the bulk of your current mental or emotional suffering is linked to a Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect issue.  A lack of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect will cause you to be at war with yourself.  When you are at war with yourself, you can’t be at peace with life – it’s that simple.

    Forgive Yourself & Fall in Love with Yourself

    Your greatest pain is usually rooted in what you have done to yourself. When you truly forgive yourself, you can fall in love with yourself, and connect with how priceless you truly are. Forgive yourself, and move onward and upward on the ladder of Self Love.

    You are Priceless that is what You Are Worth

    Realize that your SELF Worth doesn’t reflect what people think of you.  Your Self Worth reflects what YOU think of you.   Other people unconsciously respond to how you see yourself. If you habitually devalue or undervalue your own essential value, others will take you at your own estimation. As you enrich your own perception of your Self Worth, others will echo your new valuation. However, it’s important to remember that Self Worth is an internal decision. Never give your power away to anyone or give him or her the opportunity to decide what you are worth. You are priceless. That is what you are worth, nothing less.

    Greet the World with Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect

    Most people believe “When I achieve what I really want, then I will feel greater Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect.” This equation is backward and highly detrimental to your wellbeing. When you greet the world with the feelings of Self Love and Self Worth and Self Respect, you will reach your goals with a twinkle in your eyes and a spring in your step.

    Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect are Your Secret Weapons

    Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect are gifts that you must learn to give to yourself. When you build and enrich this triad, you will arm yourself with the most powerful secret weapons. Armed with Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect, no person or event will ever again be able to make you feel insecure, inferior, “not good enough” or “less than”.

    Value Yourself & Fall in Love with Yourself

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM will consistently remind you how priceless you are, and will teach you how to value yourself, and enrich your feelings of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect. Through mental, emotional and spiritual cross fit training you will learn how to awaken your greatness, stand in your true power and honor, pursue and create precisely what your spirit craves.

    FIERCE SELF CONFIDENCETM is not about Immediate Gratification.


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