“To have missed this…would have been like walking away from treasure. I feel so grateful”

-Chris Helder

“(Vivace’s) Energy is contagious.”

-N’Maya Osborne

“If you are taking one step forward and two back, you must attend, just to find out why.”

-Rex Oliver

“When you are tired of your own negativity, you will run to the next seminar.”

-Janice Garner

“This is not just another self improvement seminar…It’s a wake up call.”

-Brad Berson

“(Vivace’s) energy is addicting, so you leave feeling like a new person”

-Debbie Marziano

“…Has also enabled me to see the larger contribution I can make with my life.”

-Mary Beth Whyte

“I was already fueled, but now I am ignited. Informative…Intelligent…Powerfully delivered…Honest.”

-Maurice Patterson

“I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but now I see something, and this something makes me want more. I feel awake again.”

-Shelli Eliyahu

“(Vivace) has not only helped me to release my fears, but has guided me on my path to freedom.”

-Jennifer Colton

“You have saved a marriage that was on the brink of destruction.”

-Patrick Ervilus

“Time, energy and money well spent.”

-Rochelle Lisner

“I wish you all the best, you are made for what you are doing.”

-Naomi Strauss

“The world will be hearing from you.”

-David Chernoff
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